Equality: Courageous Conversations about Race, Gender, & Leadership with Trudy Bourgeois

It’s a lot less risky now for women to disagree, to leave toxic environments, to deprive those that oppress us of the talents we have, and to not support with our dollars those that devalue us. And if we did, we could dismantle the patriarchy. This is where my conversation with the absolute force that is Trudy Bourgeois takes us. On our way there, we had a fascinating talk about her experience growing up in the segregated south and leaving corporate America, grappling with anxiety and finding possibility. Her hope and vision for a future where we all use our power to shine a light of possibility for those coming up behind us is incredibly illuminating. I know you will benefit from hearing what she has to say.

We speak about:

  • the necessity of a new leadership style that takes into account our true value in the workplace without demeaning comparison and judgment

  • the stress, anxiety, and guilt of not being able to live authentically because of oppression through racism and patriarchy

  • how individual women (even the ones who look like they have it all) AND the society they live in are paying the price for the problems of patriarchy

  • why it is so important for women leaders to share what they had sacrificed on their way to the top, and how damaging it can be to not communicate those truths

  • how women’s inability to see their true value makes it impossible for them to see their choices

  • how growing up in the segregated south affected her outlook and motivation

  • the importance of mentors and role models who can breathe possibility thinking into your life

  • the relationship between privilege and possibility thinking, and how to use privilege to spread possibility to change the world

  • the importance of understanding exclusion – in your heart, not just as an intellectual exercise – in order to be an advocate for inclusion


Trudy Bourgeois is one of America’s leading experts on transformational leadership. She is the founder and CEO of the Center for Workforce Excellence for nearly two decades now. In her various roles as author, speaker, teacher, and researcher, Bourgeois continues to utilize her expertise in the field of leadership and diversity and inclusion. She has been honored as one of the “Best and Brightest Women Leaders”. Trudy has authored four leadership books and has written numerous articles and white papers. She serves on several boards and is on the board of advisors of two nonprofit organizations. She is the consultant of record to design the 2020 Executive Leadership Council’s Game Changer Conference and Advancing Black Leaders Initiative.

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