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Stress Disorder

Discover the invisible inner barrier to women’s happiness and fulfillment

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We help high achieving women thrive
To not only have it all…but ENJOY it ALL.

It’s hard to explain to others who see everything you’ve achieved in your life that it doesn’t feel as good on the inside as it looks from the outside.

People look up to you. You’re doing amazing things. Maybe you’re a business owner, maybe you’re leading your team or organization. You’re rocking your profession while also being the CEO of your family, raising kids, taking care of your community, while simultaneously trying to have a moment for some semblance of self-care.

You think that you don’t get to complain…

You may feel guilty for not feeling happy and fulfilled when your life is so good…

Or perhaps believe the challenges you face simply come with the territory:

Success comes with sacrifice, right?

Stress and anxiety.
Exhaustion and worry.
Beating your body into submission.
Adrenal fatigue.
Unfulfilled desires.

All of the hard work, success, and achievement aren’t actually satisfying…

You know you’re here for more.

You might have tried therapy, coaching, self-help books, retreats, and personal development programs…
You’ve made progress. But you’re still not where you want
to be.

You’ve got tons of insight… but the way you FEEL doesn’t change at the core.

Leaving you wondering:
What’s wrong with me? And the Answer is — Nothing.

You’re brilliant. If you could have figured it out — you would have figured it out long ago. The problem is misdiagnosed.

It’s not you, It’s Patriarchy Stress Disorder ( PSD ).

Here we uncover and heal it, so that high-achieving women like you and I can finally get out of the hamster wheel of accomplishment and “personal growth” and THRIVE.

What is
Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD)?

For millennia, women have been oppressed.

Oppression is traumatic.

Trauma is genetically transmitted.

I termed my discovery of this collective, inherited trauma Patriarchy Stress Disorder or PSD.

Science illustrates how PSD is created and passed down between generations

In this study researchers introduced the smell of cherry blossoms to mice while simultaneously zapping their feet with mild electric shocks. The mice were then bred, and their children and grandchildren, when exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms, showed a strong fear and anxiety reaction.

PSD is women fearing the smell of cherry blossoms.

Our “cherry blossoms” are everything that has historically been prohibited and punishable for women under patriarchy:

  • Loving who we love
  • Authentically expressing our sexuality
  • Shining brightly and unapologetically in our brilliance
  • Making our own money — and LOTS of it
  • Owning our own bodies (yes!) and our own time (what?)
  • Everything that we deeply, authentically desire… And even ACCESS to KNOWING what we deeply, authentically desire is being blocked by PSD trauma defences.

Because it’s THAT DANGEROUS.

Women who had the audacity to KNOW their deep, authentic desires and reach for them were burned at the stake, drowned, locked up in asylums, beaten, mutilated, torn away from their children, exiled…

Some of these practices persist today in some parts of the world. But what does this mean for you, a high-achieving woman who is enjoying (sort of) equal rights today?

We have inherited this trauma. And with it, its trauma adaptations — survival mechanisms designed to keep us safe. And they get activated every time we reach for what we deeply, authentically desire. Our subconscious signals “unsafe!” and our nervous system goes into fight, flight, or freeze response..

This either:

Holds us back from creating a life designed by our desires
We “push” through the resistance, we create, we achieve… and we’re not able to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Because our nervous system is in the fight, flight, freeze to keep us “safe” in this “unsafe” territory of being rich, loved, and visible.

It’s the hidden culprit behind high-achieving women burning out…
and the real pandemic — never feeling fully, truly happy, fulfilled.

Because to feel fully, truly happy we need to be able to relax.

And to relax, we need to be able to feel safe.

And because of PSD, our subconscious is constantly
signaling “unsafe!” as we leap out of the small box that patriarchy has put women in…

And you deserve better than staying in survival mode even as your life is really, really good. Amazing. Delicious.

You deserve to TASTE the whole feast and enjoy the f*** out of it every moment of every day.

Enjoy every delicious dish — and not just lick the menu.

Yes, my life looks good. But I. Can’t. Feel. It.

It’s not your failure.

It’s not your fault.

In fact, it has NOTHING to do with you.

It’s PSD.

You’re in the right place.
Here we uncover and heal it.

HOW PSD affects women…
I’m not fully living the life I want even though on the outside I’m fully successful.
"After each success there is a period of stagnation. I am afraid of my own power."
"My negative self-talk is LOUD and constant."
"Deep exhaustion keeps me from showing up big and bright in my work - and I have such important work to do in the world!"
"Never feeling like I’ve done enough or am enough. Never feeling like I can fully relax or just breathe."
"Highly stressed, often distracted or procrastinating at work, then I work more hours to compensate."
"Suppressed sexuality and creativity, “bad with money” aka feeling like I don’t deserve to have money."
"I subconsciously limit myself. Gain weight to keep myself safe. I'm scared to be vulnerable with men."
"I have only recently become aware of how much shame and inferiority I carry in my body."
"Trouble charging my worth in my business and trouble losing weight and feeling safe to be seen."
"I feel like every area of my life is affected. And I can no longer outrun it."


“It’s the one thing that has truly worked… I’m grateful to you, Dr. Valerie, for doing the work and stepping out because I’ve looked everywhere for this.”

Janelle Brazington

“I use the tools [I learned in the program] daily to help me with anxiety. I no longer take medication for that.”

Tori Glaude

“The biggest difference between Dr. Valerie and every other therapist and coach I’ve ever worked with is that she shows me the magnificent truth of who I really am. And I’m believing it for the first time.”


“I had a 10 year goal to open my own firm and go into private practice. [7 weeks into the program] now it’s speeding up around the corner – oh, I did not expect you to come this quickly. But thank you!”

Idalis Vento

“I’ve uncovered what has kept me from my next level of visibility, clarity, happiness, mission, and money. As a result, I had the highest income month in 5 or 6 years. I can’t say enough about this book or her.”

Callan Rush

I just got my book deal and I felt secure in myself to really dream BIG, and my biggest dream was to have my own oracle deck. And I felt I could do both, my book and the oracle deck… And it came true!

Asha Frost


Discover the invisible inner barrier to women’s
happiness and fulfillment

Download the first chapter today!