Reclaiming the Divine Feminine, Choosing Partners Well, and Parenting within Patriarchy with Trista Hendren

My daughter and I adore Trista’s “The Girl God” book series. We re-read, or rather, re-experience them often. They are healing, enchanting, strikingly beautiful, poetic, feminine, and strong. I was thrilled to get a chance to talk to Trista on the podcast.

Trista is full of pearls of wisdom on so many topics from religion to abundance to parenting to choosing a partner. We cover a lot of ground on this episode and I’m so glad we were able to speak on so many issues affecting modern women. Tune into my conversation with this beautiful beacon for women everywhere. You will either be nodding along in solidarity, or leaving with a shift in perspective.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • how patriarchy wiped out the divine feminine from the world’s major religions

  • the importance of reclaiming the archetypes within religion

  • how boys being raised with subtle entitlement affects their experience with religion

  • the birth of patriarchy: how women lost power as men gained it (hint: religion plays a major role!)

  • why it’s important for women to reconnect with their inner child

  • how children can connect with inner god through art

  • how motherhood and the value of women can be elevated

  • how women are subjugating, and ways they perpetuate that subjugation with what they accept from their interactions with the men in their lives

  • how women can raise the bar, reset their worth, and gain amazing relationships

  • why choosing good partners is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives, and how it sets the tone for the rest of our lives

  • the learning curve of accepting love in an egalitarian relationship

  • why a primary goal of feminism should be tangible ways to make women’s lives happier and better day-to-day

  • why money and abundance are not the same thing, and where you can find the latter even at your lowest point

  • economic abuse and how the skillset for thriving and surviving are entirely different

  • how women can become financially independent (mindset matters), and how money can be a huge point of inherited trauma

And, my daughter Alisa’s art which I reference in this conversation! She entitled it “The Birth of the World.”



Trista Hendren is the founder, author, and publisher of The Girl God series. A Portland, Oregon native, she lives in Bergen, Norway with her family. You can read more about her projects at

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