Ep 103 – Throw Away Your “Perfect” Elevator Pitch (Copy)

In today’s episode, Dr. Valerie talks about an alternative to the “perfect elevator pitch” that will make all the difference next time you’re having a conversation with a potential client.

For the next few days, Dr. Valerie is inviting powerful women who are ready to experience deep transformation and join an intimate circle of their peers on this journey to freedom, pleasure, intimacy, love, and authentic expression.

To see if this would be a good fit, schedule a 1:1 call with our Thriving Journey Guide at: www.healPSDcall.com

The free tool I mentioned at the beginning of this episode is available HERE.

In there I explain why most high-achieving women—as well as many men and people along the gender continuum—experience these “power outages,” and how you can not only instantly re-power in the moment, but also reclaim up to 90% of your energy going forward.

You can use this “instant re-power” tool anytime, anywhere to restore your personal power in under 3 minutes.

Download the audio HERE.

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