Patriarchy Stress Disorder Part 8: Reclaiming Your Worth at Work and in Love

You’ve worked hard to succeed. You’re financially comfortable. Your life is good. But deep down inside, you feel dissatisfied. It’s a disquieting feeling. You feel guilty about it. You should be happy. But you’re not. Sometimes this dissatisfaction shows up as anxiety or depression. But what if it’s the voice of your true desires calling out to you?

Patriarchy Stress Disorder™ (PSD)–the trauma of 1000s of years of oppression imprinted in our DNA–conditions us to stay in survival. It’s impossible to be in survival and thrive at the same time. To thrive, we need to shift out of survival. To do that, we need to create safety where trauma makes us feel unsafe.

PSD also keeps us out of touch with our true desires. Because there’s nothing more dangerous to patriarchy than a woman who’s in touch with her true desires. So PSD blocks our access to them.

And these blocks, keeping a lid on all this bubbling desire energy down, over time express and anxiety and depression.

How about we take off the lid and take a look inside? Taste the deliciousness of what’s been cooking.

If what you heard today resonated with you, I have a very special invitation for you.

You and I, on the phone. Looking at how PSD is affecting you and connecting the dots to map out a healing journey.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Valerie

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