Ep 129 – Maybe It’s PSD

In today’s episode, Dr. Valerie talks about using mind-body practices to rewire our system. As part of healing PSD, so that our prison-guards serve our thriving. She tells us the primary survival agenda in a woman’s subconscious: is not to get hurt, raped, killed, dismissed or invalidated. Our expression then becomes so filtered it limits us.  

Dr. Valerie Rein has discovered Patriarchy Stress Disorder® (PSD) and created the only science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment by healing the intergenerational trauma of oppression. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Her bestselling book, “Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment” has been heralded by Amazon reviewers as “the most important body of literary work of our modern times” and “perhaps the most important book of the century for women.” 

Click HERE to buy Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment on Amazon. 

In this book, Dr. Valerie explains:

  • Why you’re dissatisfied in spite of your achievements, and why it’s not your fault.

  • What secretly drains 90 percent of your time and energy, and how to reclaim it.

  • How to upgrade your game of “How much can I bear?” to “How good can it get?”

And please consider leaving a review after reading the book. It helps to get the book in front of more women who are ready to heal from PSD.

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