Inclusive Leadership, Compassion Fatigue, and the Importance of Self-Care with Jennifer Brown

It is tough to do the work that confronts the patriarchy that our world has been built upon. Jennifer Brown has seen this again and again while working to create inclusive workplaces and working with the leaders to transform these spaces so they work for more than just the men they were built for. When we spoke, she had so many great points about the importance of self-care for those of us who pushing for diversity. I think you will really benefit from hearing her perspective about her work and the world.

In this conversation, we speak about:

  • the ways in which our workplace structures take a toll on outsiders

  • the inclusive leader continuum – what it means to be ‘other focused,’ the lens that requires, and how to build that skill

  • what compassion fatigue is and why self-care is so important for empaths

  • how to sustain yourself while working towards change

  • how to surround yourself with and activate your allies

  • the importance of perspective on your personal toughest days

  • the difficulties and triumphs she’s experienced working within patriarchal workplace structures

  • how our trauma keeps us from stepping in to do the difficult work of shifting structures, but why we should try anyway

  • the importance of starting this work wherever you are, no matter how uncomfortable it is

  • the importance of feedback and graciousness (even when triggered) to grow as leaders in our changing world


Jennifer Brown is a leading diversity and inclusion expert, dynamic keynote speaker, best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and host of The Will To Change podcast, which uncovers true stories of diversity and inclusion. As the founder, president, and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, Jennifer’s workplace strategies have been employed by some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits—including Walmart, Microsoft, Starbucks, Toyota Financial Services, T-Mobile, and many others— to help employees bring their full selves to work and feel welcomed, valued, respected, and heard.

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