Patriarchy in Business, Revolutionizing Homeownership, and the Emotional Labor of Feminism

I was absolutely blown away when I heard Janelle speak from the Tedx stage. She and her partner are doing amazing, disruptive work with their tiny home company Stackhouse and she is a true scholar of patriarchy. It was lovely to talk with her about how Patriarchy Stress Disorder shows up, what we do to navigate it, and the power of awareness around it.

In this episode, we talk:

  • the burdens of expectation about how you’re supposed to be as a woman

  • the impact religion has on women’s self-perception

  • the difficulties of stepping out from the shadow of patriarchy even when you are able to see it

  • her journey to becoming a scholar of patriarchy

  • how patriarchy targets us in our strengths

  • how patriarchy manifests in business, specifically real estate, and mindful strategies for participating (and succeeding!) in it

  • how her innovative company is working to revolutionize the way we live – making home ownership attainable, having less environmental impact, promoting neighborhood diversity

  • the tricky balance of working in partnership with others while staying aligned with our values 

  • legacy vs the daily grind, idealism vs reality, reputation vs responding in the moment 

  • the emotion labor required to live a feminist life 


An author, speaker, brand strategist, entrepreneur, event manager and equal rights advocate, Dr. Janelle Briggs understands the value and beauty of humanity and, more importantly, how to empower others to disseminate a message of positivity and social change. Not one to shy away from hard work and multitasking, Janelle is the co-founder and business strategist for Stackhouse — a Tucson, Arizona-based container living company specializing in eco-friendly, elevated living alternatives to the rising cost of urban housing.

While working toward her doctorate, Janelle performed extensive research in the areas of feminist and political theory — both of which beautifully intertwined to greatly influence her advocacy work. The additional education and experience catapulted her expertise, validating others’ perception of her skills while cementing her communication methods as accessible, inclusive and empowering.

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Dr. Valerie Rein is a psychologist, women’s mental health expert, and business consultant who helps people achieve the best ROI by achieving the best mental health—without therapy. Dr. Valerie specializes in uncovering the hidden traumas that hold hostage people’s best work, relationships, and well-being, and effectively heals them with a powerful mind-body methodology. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Dr. Valerie is an author of Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment and a sought-after speaker at conferences and companies committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, leadership development, and unlocking people’s potential.

Would you like to have Dr. Valerie speak to your audience? She can share with them:

  • Why despite having checked so many the boxes of accomplishment, high-achieving women are still dissatisfied, and why it’s not our fault.

  • What secretly drains 90% of your energy and productivity and how to reclaim them.

  • The missing piece to the upper limit problem and a solution that ends your big leap struggle.

  • Why fighting against your inner critic, self-doubt, and anxiety backfires and how to turn your inner adversaries into your strongest allies.

  • The biggest untapped resource of a woman’s personal power, why it is locked up, and how to set it free. PS It is also an instant antidote to stress and burnout.

And so much more…

The book is coming! Download a free chapter today.

Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment will be available in a few weeks! Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, whet your appetite with a delicious free chapter.

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