Self-Sabotage, Food Addiction, and Finding Embodiment with Debbie Lichter

Debbie Lichter is an addiction and embodiment expert that is a wealth of insight on getting in touch with our bodies to gain our freedom. Like me, she believes we are ripe (and capable!) of a collective shift but first we need to get connected to our gut.

During our conversation, Debbie shared a beautiful Wizard of Oz metaphor that so beautifully encapsulates this journey we as women are on. I won’t spoil it for you, but I believe you will truly benefit from this amazing conversation I had with Debbie.

We talk:

  • compartmentalization conflict: the severing of our head from our gut instinct and our own body’s wisdom 

  • how food can become our source of safety and then become our addiction 

  • the mechanics of women’s addiction to planning and ultimately control

  • the frequency of freedom and the actual path to it (hint: just ‘fixing’ yourself won’t get you there)

  • coming into the fullness of who you are by playing a new game

  • the necessary collective shift women need to (and can!) make by leaning into the “I don’t know” and embracing the uncomfortable 

  • how patriarchy dominates women from the inside out 

  • how true connection of sisterhood has been fractured by oppression

  • why we need to connect (or reconnect) with our body’s sensations and with our existence

  • how to be motivated by fun instead of fear

  • chronic pain, addiction, and the diseases of disembodiment


As the founder of Freedom From Food Addiction, The Congruence Code, and author of the forthcoming book “Freedom Embodied,” Debbie Lichter has helped women worldwide for nearly a decade get free from food and other addictions, obsessions, and self-sabotaging patterns so they stop holding back and have the confidence to be authentically all of themselves. As an addiction and embodiment expert who worked for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine Internationally, Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, codependency, severe anxiety, and self doubt, and today combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her integrated Freedom Embodied System that helps women get free and stay free from all addictions, lose weight without obsessing, speak up confidently and feel comfortable in their own skin. Debbie has conducted over 200 classes, workshops, and trainings in the areas of addiction, spirituality, and self care and is currently growing a “global constellation” of women who are living free from all addictions, shining their light and lighting up others.

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