Survival Instincts, Emotional Violence, and Shifting Our Awareness with Andrea J. Lee

Andrea J. Lee’s work on emotional violence and my work around Patriarchy Stress Disorder have many beautiful intersections. It made for a very powerful conversation when I spoke with her about how PSD shows up in our lives as we begin to step into our power and how to changing our perspective (and breathing!) can change our lives, and the lives of those we interact with.

In this episode we talk:

  • how patriarchy affects how we feel about our (authentic, original, amazing) ideas, and the actions (or inactions) we take because of the thoughts and stories we’ve been taught

  • how prison guards in our lives can sometimes be obvious and other times be so embedded in the fabric of our lives that they can be very difficult to perceive (and then negotiate with)

  • how our survival instincts – both our own and those we’ve inherited – have kept us from doing all we can and want to

  • how emotional violent relationships leave remnants in our behavior, and the need to examine that trauma

  • tips for creating awareness habits in our day-to-day life

  • the state of expansion vs the state of contraction, empowered relaxation, and how to take up more space

  • the importance of breath and simple (but powerful!) practices for engaging with it

  • exploring our own roles in upholding Patriarchy Stress Disorder, and the signs to look for in our lives and work

  • how stifling our emotional range affects our children, and how reclaiming our feelings propels transformation


Andrea J. Lee is author of “We Need to Talk: Your Guide to Challenging Business Conversations” and has been a small business coach to forward-thinking business owners committed to breaking new ground. She is considered a leader in the coaching community, and is passionate about a new topic these days. She hopes her talk, and forthcoming book “You Can Stop Being Abusive” will provide hope for everyone affected by emotional and psychological abuse.

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