Hi, this is Dr. Valerie. Today I’m going to share with you something that might be very helpful today in this time of upheaval, uncertainty, and a lot of emotions. I’m going to share with you three points of awareness to scientific facts and one tool that can help you to shift your state from anxiety, fear, unrest to calmness and peace. I call it the Repower Tool. It literally helps you restore your power no matter what’s going on around you and it’s very easy and you can do it anywhere anytime in 3 minutes or less.

Right now the points of awareness that I want to share with you is what you are experiencing on your interior, in your psyche, in your body, in your emotions, is not only yours and the reason is that there is so much collective trauma that is being triggered all over the world we are interconnected and when we expose to other people suffering. When we get the news – even if the suffering hasn’t directly affected us – we feel the emotional burden, we are affected by it, and some of us especially empaths may be experiencing what’s called ‘compassion fatigue’ right now. There is a lot of emotional labor. There’s a lot that we are working with. So this is the first point of awareness. Not everything that you’re experiencing is yours.

The second point of awareness is that there’s a lot of trauma that’s being triggered right now that is ancestral in nature. In everyone’s lineage, we have experienced throughout the generations, we have experienced wars, we have experienced pandemics, we have experienced persecution, danger, hardship. All of these things are up in our systems because trauma is genetically transmitted and survival instructions are genetically transmitted. And as a part of survival instructions our nervous systems are now in hyper vigilance and an overdrive so this is the second point of awareness that I want to share with you and the tool that I’m going to share with you will help you interrupt that hyper vigilance and restore your power, but awareness first.

The third level of awareness is that you also have experienced some hardship in your life. You have experienced crisis situations before. And that is also triggered in your system. So what is going on right now for all of us is not only the current time situation it brings up a lot it triggers, a lot of past trauma, and it actually creates a perfect opportunity when we have this this awareness and the science behind it and the tools, it’s a perfect opportunity to start healing it.

So thank you for joining me in this exploration today. I’m about to share with you the science behind and the tool that will help you interrupt that trauma response and get on the road to healing. So the first scientific fact I already mentioned is that trauma is genetically transmitted and it’s important to understand that not everything that you’re experiencing right now, that emotional burden, comes from your own experiences. So what you’re feeling now is what you have also inherited from your lineage, from your parents, from your grandparents, who have survived hardships and it’s important to know that not only trauma is genetically transmitted but also resilience. We have also inherited the tools for survival and thriving in times of hardship.

Tomorrow I’m going to share with you my own story from my own family that brings a smile to my face now in terms of survival in times of hardship and inspires me.

Today, another scientific fact that I want to share with you is that how trauma activates our nervous system and what exactly goes on to keep us safe the nervous system goes into fight / flight / freeze response and yes it helps us survive when there is actual physical danger that requires us to run away or fight it or play dead. In this situation right no, it is actually playing against us because what is required right now is not running and fighting or playing dead, what is required is discernment. What is required is clear thinking that is available to us in a state, that is not triggered by trauma because trauma actually takes the executive centers of a whole brain because the response that trauma originates is situated in the hind brain.

The tool I’m going to share with you today is going to help you interrupt the trauma response and return from the trauma hijack into the executive centers of your brain so that you can be most effective you can be, most discerning in the situation. As an additional benefit, it will help you stay connected with your loved ones at home and with others who are not in your home right now through social distancing, we’re going to connect virtually, we’re going to connect your phone calls, we’re going to connect like I’m connecting with you right now. What will come when we’re not in trauma hijack… we are able to connect more deeply.

One more benefit is that it is good for our health. When we are not in a state of stress, our nervous system is able to restore and that supports our immunity and supports our health. Okay, ready for the tool? I call it the Repower Tool. Whether you’re standing or sitting down right now, we are going to do it together first.

Feel your feet on the ground. Now just think about them, actually feel the sensations of your feet resting on the floor you may wiggle your toes you may press your feet into the floor more firmly to experience it more then feel the pull of gravity connecting you with the furniture or if you’re standing with the ground and that pool of gravity is so secure, it is so stable, it is never interrupted, no matter. What’s going on. So feel how reliable that is.

And then connect with your breathing. Feel how reliable that is, how steady the flow. Feel the sensations of your breath as the breath flows in and out, expanding your lungs, expanding your ribcage, moving your diaphragm, moving your belly, in your back, flowing in and out of your nostrils.

And then we’re going to engage the five senses to look around and take the environment in through the eyes. Actually look around. Look behind you. Look above you. Look to the sides and take the environment in through your gaze. Then, listen around. Become aware of the sounds in the environment. Touch something. Touch your own body. Touch a solid surface. And then remember to wash your hands afterwards. Activate your sense of smell and your sense of taste and notice how you’re feeling now in your mind and body.

What we’re doing right now, we are communicating to the nervous system to the hindbrain in the language that it understands that right now everything is safe and we can return to our body and the executive centers of our brain.

Tomorrow I will share with you more encouraging stories and tools. if you found this useful you can find more information at DrValerie.com. Iwould love it if you shared it if you found value in this tool. Share it with somebody who might as well. Thank you so much for tuning in.

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