Creating Authentic, Supportive Workplaces for Women to Thrive with Jenean Merkel Perelstein

Jenean Merkel Perelstein is a Sociocultural Anthropologist who has implemented change strategies that have saved lives and made fortunes – from the prisons of India to the boardrooms of the United States. In this work, she has discovered a lot about how the male-defined structure of the workplace has stifled women’s creative genius. As she says, the way we force women to prescribe to an environment that was not built for their success is “like taking a champion swimmer and asking them to go swim a race with one hand tied to their side.” And companies are missing out… on revenue, on productivity, and on experiencing the true power of female leadership.

We had such a lovely chat. There is such a beautiful intersection between my work and hers.

Some of the topics we dove into are:

  • the validation and relief of realizing and understanding Patriarchy Stress Disorder 

  • why confronting the patriarchy is the only way to level up from surviving to thriving 

  • how we are grappling with the wounds created by the women before us not being allowed to realize their complete potential

  • how patriarchy manifests in the subconscious of companies and organizations

  • how the idea of professionalism is created around masculine ideals and how feminine traits are labelled as unprofessional 

  • how women are subliminally instructed that they cannot show up as their true, authentic selves in the workplace

  • how to identify where you’re playing the old game, and imagine what playing the new game will look like 

  • how successful hormones oxytocin and adrenaline shows up in the workplace, and how this chemical affects women vs men 

  • how workplace structures have been built to support men but not to support women, and what the optimal workplace situations are for women’s success

  • how patriarchy flies under the radar of well-meaning male leadership and why it’s such a loss to companies when they don’t support women’s authentic gifts 

  • the mechanisms that lead women to adrenal fatigue and how to shift the tide, and why women aren’t necessarily aware of the effects of patriarchy until they burnout 

  • the unique pressures of being the token female in a leadership position at a given company 

  • how Jenean is successfully shifting and balancing workplaces, decreasing burnout by introducing an emphasis on emotional intelligence and soft skills

  • how companies can increase revenue by valuing women more (and putting them in leadership positions) and becoming less toxic 

  • what psychological safety – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – in the workplace plays out, how it is undermined, and how companies can create it for their employees so those employees can fly 


As a Sociocultural Anthropologist, Jenean Merkel Perelstein has studied behavior change across many different cultures. From the markets and prisons of India to the boardrooms of the United States, Jenean has learned and implemented change strategies that have saved lives and made fortunes.  

Jenean is a Business Strategist, U.S. Patent holder, and revered speaker who worked as a medical anthropologist before becoming CEO of Alchemie Academy where she has enriched workplace culture for clients ranging from solopreneurs to fortune 100 companies.  When not speaking, she mentors organizations to grow their workplace culture, develop their leadership skills, and achieve a higher level of positivity, productivity and profitability. 

Jenean is the author and creator of Internal Alchemie: The Welcoming Abundance Blueprint and Stand In Your Strength Strategies where she provides training to clients worldwide and certifies coaches to use her models for their own clientele. This work is supported by her book Finding Your Lighthouse: A Leadership Guide to Navigating Change. Looking at organizational culture through the eyes of an anthropologist, she sees the practices occurring outside of policy that often go unnoticed, and hold organizations back from reaching their goals. Jenean passionately helps business professionals and organizations get out of their own way and become the powerful and recognized leaders that they are meant to be.

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Dr. Valerie Rein is a psychologist, women’s mental health expert, and business consultant who helps people achieve the best ROI by achieving the best mental health—without therapy. Dr. Valerie specializes in uncovering the hidden traumas that hold hostage people’s best work, relationships, and well-being, and effectively heals them with a powerful mind-body methodology. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Dr. Valerie is an author of Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment and a sought-after speaker at conferences and companies committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, leadership development, and unlocking people’s potential.

Would you like to have Dr. Valerie speak to your audience? She can share with them:

  • Why despite having checked so many the boxes of accomplishment, high-achieving women are still dissatisfied, and why it’s not our fault.

  • What secretly drains 90% of your energy and productivity and how to reclaim them.

  • The missing piece to the upper limit problem and a solution that ends your big leap struggle.

  • Why fighting against your inner critic, self-doubt, and anxiety backfires and how to turn your inner adversaries into your strongest allies.

  • The biggest untapped resource of a woman’s personal power, why it is locked up, and how to set it free. PS It is also an instant antidote to stress and burnout.

And so much more…

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Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment will be available in a few weeks! Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, whet your appetite with a delicious free chapter.

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