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“I spent 38 years in the military, and I could never understand why I wasn’t fulfilled by all the accomplishments, opportunities, travels, family, marriage… All the things that should have made me feel fulfilled, and happy.”


“The experience I had in The Thriving Circle has provided the clarity, the confidence, and the conviction that YES, I CAN.”


“I’ve uncovered what has kept me from my next level of visibility, clarity, happiness, mission, and money. As a result, I had the highest income month in 5 or 6 years. I can’t say enough about this book or her.”

Callan Rush

“The biggest difference between Dr. Valerie and every other therapist and coach I’ve ever worked with is that she shows me the magnificent truth of who I really am. And I’m believing it for the first time.”


“I’ve been in The Thriving Circle for 2 months now and I just feel like a completely different person… I see a shift in my family too.”


“If this much change has come from this year, what could happen in the next year?”


“It’s the one thing that has truly worked… I’m grateful to you, Dr. Valerie, for doing the work and stepping out because I’ve looked everywhere for this.”

Janelle Brazington

I just got my book deal and I felt secure in myself to really dream BIG, and my biggest dream was to have my own oracle deck. And I felt I could do both, my book and the oracle deck… And it came true!

Asha Frost

“I have more time and money now than I’ve ever had.”


“The emotional trauma is a whole other layer I never knew existed, or considered to be trauma.”


“I’ve felt that it’s unsafe for me to invest in myself in big ways, in my wholeness. I could invest in my brokenness. My brokenness was worth investing in, but my worthiness wasn’t worth investing in.”


From the moment Dr. Valerie Rein took the stage I knew I would learn something special. Dr. Valerie is a dynamic, personable, and engaging presenter who makes you feel that she’s speaking directly to you. Her material is highly relevant and she presents it in a way that spurs transformation before she’s even donewith her speech! The audience walks away changed and with strategies to
carry their breakthrough forward.

Thanks so much for your life-changing work, Dr. Valerie!”

Carrie Sechel

“The more I connect with myself, through these practices and self-reflection, the more I connect with the people in my life.”


“I feel like there’s a life before this PSD course (The Thriving Solution) and after the course.”


“I use the tools [I learned in the program] daily to help me with anxiety. I no longer take medication for that.”

Tori Glaude

“I had all the awareness but I had all this frustration of, why can’t I just feel like I’m truly moving forward? Even with all this awareness. Even knowing all that I know.”


“One of THE BEST decisions I’ve made.”


“Being able to clear those things that are not mine and I’ve been carrying since the day I was born has been completely life-changing.”

Dr. Andrea

“The big change for me was… I feel safe in my body. I didn’t. I didn’t feel safe in my body. I didn’t feel safe around people.”


“I just have been carrying these stories that are not even mine.”


“The pod was the most magical circle I’ve ever been in.”


“This is actually the perfect time because I have so much healing to do.”


“I have quadrupled my monthly revenue.”


“Being able to share freely – without judgment – that’s that’s the most beautiful part I think. A lack of judgment of the others, and at the same time we could get triggered by some shares and you reframe it in such a beautiful way… every share is a healing opportunity.”


“This work was the missing piece I didn’t know to look for. Everybody… my clients, my daughter… is feeling [my transformation] and getting the permission to be themselves more authentically. Feeling more peaceful gives me more power. There’s more closeness, less struggle and fight. The gap that used to be between me and other people is now filled with love and understanding.”


“The number one shift that I saw was in my relationship with my mother. We had a 9-hour conversation, and I was surprised with how I was able to have so much clarity, confidence, and a clear voice on what I needed to tell my mother.”


“I just wanted to wake up and feel happy. I now do.”


“Just a completely new paradigm of what’s possible and the way that I can feel in my life… as good as money is, it’s also about the connection that I have with the people in my life. I feel much more open. I feel much more connected to myself and to other people.”



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