As you scroll through social, do these jump out at you?

The only thing stopping you is you.

Stop holding yourself back!

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is a liar.

What would you do if you had no fear?

How do these “motivational” messages make you feel?

Where are you on the spectrum from feeling like sh-t about “holding yourself back” and 100% motivation to “break through” the fear and conquer the world (or whatever it is you’re after)?

Here’s how this looks through the lens of human biology.

Fear is your nervous system signaling to the cognitive centers of your brain that you don’t feel safe.

The cognitive part of the brain then creates a story about it.

Let’s say, you’re afraid of public speaking.

You think: I’ll bomb, people will see I’m a fraud.

This thought is NOT your fear. The thought is your mind’s explanation of why your system is feeling fear and a mechanism to stop you from going somewhere that feels unsafe, i.e., to the mic.

Fear is a survival mechanism that works to keep us safe.

If you ask me, “What would you do if you had no fear?” I would say, “Not much. Because I would be dead!”

Fear deserves respect.

It’s anything but a liar.

Thoughts, stories, and rationalizations surrounding it — they sure are. Fabrications. Fiction.

And very believable ones.

Their function is to STOP you from experiencing what you desire. Because what you desire feels dangerous. Historically, for a woman, going after her desires has always been a punishable offense — and that trauma has been genetically passed down to us. More on that in a moment.

What happens if you DON’T STOP? What if you have these thoughts, dismiss them as lies, and push through your fear?

Your nervous system goes into overdrive.

Because fear — the biological response of fear — doesn’t go away when you ignore it. It keeps on revving up the nervous system. And it keeps running hot.

Because of that, high-achieving women have trouble sleeping. Trouble relaxing without a glass or wine or weed or meds. Irritability, impulsivity, and anger that create conflict and isolation in their relationships. Trouble with sexual arousal and orgasms. Trouble with intimacy.

It’s not our fault.

It’s our survival wiring.

The intergenerational, collective, and personal trauma of oppression that I call Patriarchy Stress Disorder® (PSD) gets triggered every time we think of doing something that has been historically forbidden and dangerous for women — speaking up, making lots of money, choosing our own partner, stepping into our power — as a woman in business, as a woman who owns her sexuality and her beauty.

Until we heal it, it keeps running the show, frying our nervous systems that are perpetually in overdrive, because we are constantly pushing ourselves to do things that to our subconscious do not feel safe.


Does this feel familiar?

If you’re tired of paying the toll on your success with your health and relationships, if success to you means living a life designed by your deep authentic desires, l have a solution for you.


My 5-step “Jailbreak” system has helped many high-achieving women heal PSD and other hidden traumas and free their best life and work.

In honor of Independence Day, I’m making a handful of complimentary “Jailbreak” strategy sessions available.

If you know that time is your most valuable resource and you’re tired of being held back by hidden trauma from your most outrageous success in your work, toe-curling orgasms, and a deep, intimate relationship with your soulmate — this is your opportunity to receive my help in planning your “Jailbreak.”

Schedule yours here.


You’ll be asked a few questions to assess your level of readiness for the “Jailbreak” journey and to help us both prepare for the session and make the most our of our time together.

If your answers indicate that you’re not yet ready to commit to this life-changing work, instead of the session I will email you my recommendations.


I look forward to connecting with you and together taking a peek into the glory of your life on the other side of fear.


Yours in jailbreak,

Dr. Valerie


PS If this was helpful to you, please share with someone who might be helped too. They’ll thank you later, and I thank you now.

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